Monday, May 18, 2009

Schools out for the Summer!!!!

School is finally out! I am so excited to be done with Block three of nursing school! I have the whole summer off until Aug 24! I dont know what Im going to do with myself all summer long! Some of my Friends actually graduated from nursing school this semester so I went to support them.. That was a really hard day knowing that I should have been up there with them! But oh well things happen for a reason... I guess. (Love ya Janelle, Im so excited for you!)
Here was after the pinning ceremony...

Janelle and Me...

Jenna and Me...

Janelle, Dan, and Me...

This past weekend we went up to Showlow, and Snowflake for Damon to play in the Softball tourney. We stopped up on the Rim while we were headed up there and took some pictures because of how beautiful the weather was.

Damon, Me, and my bro & sis in law and our niece went out to the Avondale Zoo and it was SO much fun! My niece Kinsley had so much fun feeding and petting the animals. It was really cool, I totally recommend going out there with your kids (maybe when its not so HOT!)
we had a blast!

Just last week some of the old friends got together! (missed you Lindsey G and Jeannie).. We went out to lunch and had a ton of fun..

Heres an inbetween shot.. :-) (trying to get the owen, and arys to hold still for the picture!)

Chandler had her final Choir Concert for Carson Junior High! I CAN NOT believe that she is going to be a Sophmore at Westwood next year! It makes me feel really old!!
Chandler had a solo and did such a GREAT job.. She's freakin Gorgeous!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers Days Gifts!

Happy Mothers Day MOM! We love you!