Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life is busy!

Life seems to be moving really fast!

Damon got his Braces off! after only 10 months! flew by!

Nursing school Block 3 is half way over! Spring break is a week and a half away!

Another season of Softball started (again) for Damon.. he LOVES it!

My brother Stetson is turing 12 on Saturday and getting the Priesthood!

Things are going by SO fast... I wish they would slow down!!

Doesn't he look good without Braces!!!!

Damon and I are doing great! Sorry we haven't posted for a while..

By the way... I've been getting really into taking pictures since my awesome hubby bought me my new camera for christmas! Check it out:


Blake said...

FRIEND! I just wanna say thanks again for your awesome cookies!P.S. everyone check out her photographs because they are awesome!

Janelle Shank said...

Hi friend! wow your pics are awsome! i'm very impressed :) i'm glad you guys are doing well, are you gonna be in town for spring break? lets get together!!!!! love you!