Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Utah Trips

My mom dad sister and me got to go up earlier in October to see Chelsi play vball! We had so much fun watching her team beat the number one team in her conference, Hawaii Hilo.

That same trip we went drove down to Las Vegas to walk the strip.
We had a blast laughing at all the crazy people... A group of "come back to God" people were handing out $100.00 bills with information on how to come back to god, so we took pictures!

The second trip we took up to Utah EVERYONE got to go!

It was amazing to see my sister play her last games. I definately lived out my dreams of playing at a D1 school through her. I absolutely envie her experience at Dixie, and Im so glad that she went and played. She had such an amazing year and Im SO PROUD of her. I get really emotional about her and her accomplishments. Chelsi I love you, thanks for ALWAYS being such a Great example, friend, and sister.

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Brea said...

Kami, This is sweetest post ever! What a special bond you and Chelsi have. I love the collage you put together for her. Very touching...