Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here's a little bit of an update....
The last couple of months have been busy. I started working full time on my Trauma Floor at Scottsdale Osborn Hospital, and well lets just say I don't LOVE it but I don't HATE it. ITS JUST HARD. I guess its just different than I thought it would be, and it seems as if I cant get out of work on time if my life depended on it!

Chelsi got Married at the end of February, and it was AMAZING! She was a beautiful bride and we are so excited to have Chris be apart of our family. But I can say, that I am SO HAPPY its over. It turned out better than I ever thought possible, but it was a lot of work!

On Easter Sunday we got to see my Grandpa Gardner's Headstone. It was a very relaxing and quiet General Conference Sunday.

When Damon's Grandpa Stratton past way last year, I grabbed a bunch of flowers and ribbon that had this wording on it. I made a Shadow box for Grandma Stratton. There's 13 flowers in it, one for all 11 children, and for Grandma and Grandpa. Miss him MUCHO. (Grandpa used to always say, "Love you MUCHO".

Yesterday I was supposed to being having a procedure done to find out if my Fallopian tube is healed from my Tubule pregnancy. Well the lady that scheduled my appointment was an IDIOT and told me the wrong parameters for the test to be performed. You are supposed to be 7-10 days from the first day of your period, and the scheduling lady told me 14-16 days so the Radiologist wouln'td do the procedure. SO HOPEFULLY I will be having the procedure in 3 weeks. Ill try and keep you updated!

Sorry I suck at updating!


The Brinkerhoff's said...

Your in our prayers hope everything is goes good!!! Sorry this stuff totally sucks the life right out of you!!! NO FUN

pennington family said...

Yeah! I was so excited to see you blogged! Love ya!

Brea said...

I would be so pissed at that lady who told you the wrong dates... hello you've been waiting here for so long already, the LAST thing you want to do is WAIT some more! Sorry... that sucks.

But seriously Kami, Chelsi's wedding turned out amazing. I just wish I could have been there in person to see everything that you did. I know she was SO thankful that she had you to help her with everything.