Monday, June 28, 2010

Catchin up..

We had alot of stuff happen in the Month of May!
My Sweet Grandpa DeWitt past away at the age of 94! He lived such a great life! I had the honor in designing his funeral Program, this was the front cover:

We did an entire 4 page program! It was great! For a Great Man! Miss you Papa.

This was our family pic from the Funeral.

Damon and Me at the Cemetary after the Dedication of the grave.

We Lost a family member and gained one in the same month!
Meet Ella Jane Stratton! Our new niece!
Damon and I just love her to pieces! Cant get enough of her!

Volleyball has been another big thing this last month! Chelsi and I coached a Club team together in Phoenix this year. All our girls wanted to do a photo shoot at the end of the season so these were some of the fun pictures.

Speaking of Volleyball!! I dont know if everyone has heard that Chelsi got the HEAD Coach Job over at WESTWOOD! Im SO excited for her. Im gonna try and help out as much as I can! Im so excited for WW Volleyball!

In one of my last post I promised to update on our CRAZY baby situation...
I had my procedure done and besides it being the MOST painful thing Ive EVER experienced!! Our results were not great.. Unfortantly MY TUBE IS BLOCKED! SO I only have one functioning tube. I had to have a follow up ultrasound just a couple of weeks ago, and the greatest news since of this CRAZiness is that my tube isnt causing any infection SO IT DOESNT have to come out!
Im really thankful that Im not going to have to have another Surgery. I was really dreading that day if it had to come..
So for right now, we are able to start "trying" again, so we will see what the future holds for us. But for now, Damon and me are trying to enjoy our time together (seeing that we've been married 4 1/2 years!!) and are PATIENTLY waiting. I hope its not much longer, but in the mean time, Ill enjoy Life... Cause its GREAT.


pennington family said...

I love when you update! I'm sorry about your grandpa, he was such a sweet man. Yeah for you girls and volleyball, that's so awesome! I know in my heart you will have a baby, I'm so sorry you have to go threw those tests. You are such an amazingly strong person and heavenly father will bless you!

Josh and Elisha Sandberg said...

It was so fun catching up with you at diner the other week. You make me laugh so hard! Good luck on your baby making.