Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Picture Update

(these are out of order but its been 6 months since my update! so...)

Capri and Willie's Wedding was of course BEAUTIFUL! She was Gorgeous! Everything turned out great and it was such a special day! LOVE you sis..

This is Christmas Eve. Every year we get PJ's and take pictures, Capri and Willie couldn't be there because they flew in a week later for their Wedding! But we had a great holiday. Damon's Step mom Tammy and step-brother Alex came down and woke up on Christmas morning with us... Alex was so cute coming down the stairs to see what Santa had left.
(yes Im blogging about Christmas in June) haha

One of the other things Santa brought this year was LILLY! I don't think I have introduced her on this blog yet...
This is Miss Lilly, the newest member of our family. She's still a puppy in this picture, but she SO cute! Hopefully it wont be another 6 months before I post an updated picture of her.

These are just some fun pictures of us girls as Capri's Bachelorette Party the night before the Wedding. Good times, good times.

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