Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged, Tagged, and Tagged!!

I guess I've been tagged like three different times and didn't realize it! But I only decided to do one of them!

It's a "PICTURE TAG" and this is how it goes. Go to your pictures and go to the 5th folder. Then open up the 5th picture and post it. Then tag 5 people when you are done. Have fun!

So this is my Grandma DeWitt and me at a nail salon about six months ago. Isn't she just SO cute! She's getting so old and never get to go do anything anymore, so my mom and my sisters and I decided to take her to have her nails done. She loved it! And for those of you who know my grandma, YIPEE was all she could say...

I tag.... Rachel J. , Jeannie B. , Nikki L. , Janelle S. , Stacey B.


The Arnett Family said...

Well, its a good thing you decided to do my tag. That is so cute and nice of you guys. I love it. We need to go on a family trip soon; I miss the Dewitts

kkalama said...

That's cute. Hey girl can I have your e-mail address? You send it to me Thanks!

The Brinkerhoff's said...

YIPEEE!!! For Grandma Dewitt to get out of the house. You guys are awesome to do that for her. SERIOUSLY!!! ohh and thanks for the TAG.

Chad and Jess said...

Hey Kami! I have been such a slacker with my blog lately! It is good to hear from you.

Oh I always think about the sexy nightie your granny made for you at your bridal shower. I really want one of those to walk around the house in.

The cakes you make are so adorable. As soon as I go to a shower in mesa I will let you know I need one!

Love ya

Mara said...

Very cute kami! Such sweet granddaughters!
I know I need to get my blog updated in more ways than one, and adding people is one of them.

Looking forward to thanksgiving too (fyi, I will have a "friend" there with me ;))
See you soon.
Love ya.

Lovin Family said...

HI! SO you tagged me? What the heck does that mean? I'm SLOW!!!

P.s. cute grandma:)