Thursday, August 6, 2009


So Im trying to catch up on my blogging since my computer has been broken since May! Theres ALOT thats happened in the last three months, especially since I've been out of school with nothing to do! Heres some of the high and low parts of our Summer....

For my birthday Damon and I went to a really nice dinner and a movie. I actually had to work a 12 hour shift on my birthday at the hospital, and Damon showed up unexpectedly and brought me flowers! What a good husband!

One of my favorite people in the world got married in June! Damon and me made the trip down to Sedona for Lauren and Ty's Johnsons Wedding, and everything including the bride looked beautiful! Sedona is such a beautiful place.

(besides the fact that we got stuck on the I-17 for 3 hours, due to a crash that closed the freeway down! WE had a blast!)

Fourth of July was so fun!
We headed up to Snowflake and then to Heber for the fireworks! Like always they were awesome, and I was so excited that my family got to come up to Damons Dads house and stay for the night. We had such a good weekend!

If anyone can believe it my BABY sister Chandler turned 15!
We had a really fun day celebrating. Shopping, Cheese Cake Factory, and then cake and icecream and my Parents! I can not believe she's gonna be a Sophmore at Westwood next week! CRAZY!

My grandpa Gardner hasnt been feeling well lately.
We though it would be a good idea to have family pictures taken with the whole family "just in case". The bad idea was that it was the middle of July and SO FREAKIN HOTT OUTSIDE!

My Grandpa and Grandma Gardner ( my mom's parents)

Our Family with My Grandma and Grandpa.

All the Girls...


I think they turned out pretty good for being 115 degrees!

This past weekend we went to the LAKE! We had a blast hanging out with Damons Family! His dad, brothers family, and sister all came and had a ton of fun!

This is Damon and his sister Whitney on the innertube... They were hangin on for dear life! It was hilarious to watch!

Damon His Dad and his Brother on the boat!

Our Cute Niece Kinsley.. She LOVES the Water!

My Grandma DeWitts Headstone finally went up! It was so sweet to see my Grandpa see it for the first time...

It was so sad to see him cry...

Her headstone is really nice. The back of it list all of their childrens names.

I love that picture of my grandparents

So the last thing that has been going on in mine and Damons life is that we got to annouce that we were pregnant, and then annouce that we miscarried. So just so I can put rumors to rest, we definately were pregnant, but are definately NOT pregnant now.

This has been one of the craziest things I've ever been through!
Heres the story:
So we found out that we were pregnant at about 5 weeks and by week 6 I had started to misscarry. We had a Doctors apt about three days after I had started to bleed, and my Doctor had acted like the bleeding was no big deal. He said that bleeding happened with some women in the first trimester, and that some women even get their periods the first couple of months they were pregnant. So he dismissed it until he decided to do an ultrasound (which he couldnt see anything on) and then do the usual blood work.

Well all of this was on Monday, and Tuesday I should have got my blood test results, but of course the dr. office couldnt find my lab work. So Wednesday afternoon, I got a call from the medical Assistant stating that my lab results were in and it looks like my HCG hormone level was too low for me to be pregnant. So I took the news as best I could and called Damon. We were both said but decided to make the best of it. Well about an hour later, I get another phone call from the medical assistant saying that they had read my results WRONG and that I WAS pregnant that my HCG hormone level was at a 560. (for those of you who dont know, an average level is about 100-400 when you are 5 to 6 weeks pregnant). So once again I called Damon, (this time crying) and said were PREGNANT, they read my results wrong! So that same day I went back into the Dr office to have my 48 hr re-draw to make sure that my HCG levels were headed in the right direction. Well as you probably know they didnt go up.. They dropped to a 450, and then 5 days later they dropped to a 220. So two doctor vists, 3 lab draws, 2 ultra sounds, and our excited families, and basically no baby..
This whole thing has been SUCH a ROLLERCOASTER! That week of blood work, dr visits, and being pregnant and then not being pregnant was SO NOT FUN (not to mention the horrible cramping and bleeding)...

But Damon and Me are trying to be positive and take it for what it is. Hope fully we will be pregnant soon, but for now its just gonna be the two of us..

(this was my pregnancy test when we first found out, we took pictures to tell our families)


Anonymous said...

Oh Kami :( I'm soo sorry. This must be very difficult for you and Damon. I can't even imagine what it would be like to go through that...emotionally and physically... you must be exhuasted and drained!! Ugh!! :( You are strong! And it will happen when it's supposed to happen and the baby will be HEALTHY!! :) Let's all try to get together with all the girls soon! XO

The B Team said...

I feel so bad that you guys had to go through all of those ups and downs. I know it will happen for you when the time is right. I love you guys! Also, I'm ticked at your doctor's office...not handled well. I'm glad you finally posted! I've talked to you at least every other day and didn't know most of the stuff on this post! WTF KAMI! Those tubing pictures are hilarious...and your Grandma Gardner looks likes she's getting frisky in that one picture. HAHA. Also, your Grandpa Dewitt broke my heart in that picture...what a sweet man.

Jade Little said...

I love you Kami!! I am so glad you posted everything! I think everything happens for a reason. Dont let it get you down, get some sleep enjoy being able to do all those things like going to the lake cause when you have a baby everything changes. Think positive and just relax youll get pregnant again dont stress!!! I am thinking about you and love ya call if you need anything!

Bay Brink said...

Awww. Cousin, I'm sorry. Thats awful... Way to be positive, I don't know how I would handle that situation. You're a good example! Love you

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Kami... I'm so sorry. Although I haven't experienced it myself I have a sister who did TWICE! Let's just say that she was definitely more apprehensive the 3 babies after that that she has now, before telling people. Good luck with everything and once again I'm so sorry.

Hanna & Mike said...

I had no idea that any of this was going on! Im so sorry!! If there is anything we can do just let me know!! I love you so much and we need to get together!! call me.

Olivia Shill said...

Kami GREAT POST! I love you and no I can't believe it, how crazy is it that our baby sister's are going to be sophomores? I love all of you guys! Tell your dad I'll see him the next time we are in court together... and this time, I know better than to believe his nonsense!!!

Emily Lauren said...

Wow. Eventful month. It looks like it's been a roller coaster ride- with lots of ups and downs.

Your grandpas picture made me cry, but the headstone looks beautiful.

Sorry to hear about the miscarriage. With all of the "yes you are pregnant"/"no you're not"s it must have been that much more difficult :( Like people have said, your positivity is truly an example. We'll keep you guys in our prayers :)

Maren said...

What a crazy month for you guys! Hope you're feeling better; and now that you know you CAN get pregnant hopefully another positive pregnancy test is in the not too distant future! We love you guys!

Lauren said...

Kami, I am so sorry about the miscarriage. That must have been so hard. (((HUGS)))

Heather said...

Oh Kami. I'm sorry. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy as well. But, I agree with Maren. At least you know you can get pregnant. That darling little Stratton just got cold feet. :)

Lots of hugs!