Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guy Mortensen Gardner

Well, this is the Second Grandparent I've lost this year.. My sweet Grandpa Gardner, my mom's dad past away on Aug 27. He was an angel on earth! The sweetest Man you'd ever known. Here's some pictures of the viewing, funeral, and the grave site. Honestly it was the most touching grave site ceremony I've ever been to. Because my Grandpa served in the Air Force, they had representatives come to the funeral and conduct a special flag and salute in honor of his service in the war. They presented my grandma with a flag in his honor. I could hardly take pictures my eyes were filling with tears, it was very touching and I was proud of my Grandpa.

My Grandpa and I only a year and a half ago.

This is my Grandma and my mom and my aunt Teresa.

My mom and all her siblings and spouses.

All of us at the grave site.

For the Viewing and the Funeral everyone in the family wore Real Hawaiian Lais! My Grandpa LOVED Hawaii and had been there over 30 times in his life! We even passed out fake ones for the congregation to wear during the funeral service.

Guy Mortensen Gardner ....

or as I called him "Handsome"

This was the collage I put together to go on the inside of the Funeral Program.
Im SO glad we did family pics only SIX WEEKS before my grandpa past! I posted below some of the pictures from that day, it was perfect timing! Im SO glad we did that.
I miss you Grandpa... We love you, and make sure you send "little Guy Stratton" down safe to us soon...


cammac said...

What a sweet post Kami! Love, Cam

Justin and Stefanie said...

kami! im so behind on your life! im sorry to hear about your grandpa.. luckily we know for a fact he's doing amazing now and hanging out w/ some great people up there! and dont worry he's taking care of your guys little ones too! let me know if you need anything or an ear to listen. i miscarried our first at about 6 weeks too. its a very hard event in your life but im glad you guys are doing well! just keep practicing!!! :)

Brea said...

Man that has to be so hard on you and your family... but seriously Kami your grandpa is a STUD! :) I am so happy for you guys that you were able to get the family pictures done before he passed! And by the way, your mom is gorgeous! And all you girls resemble her! :)
P.S. Has Chris popped the question yet?

J and L Palmer said...

wow so many funerals... not the most exciting places to be.. what i love about our church is knowing exactly where our loved ones are going, and knowing that we will see them again, and knowing that they are with all your relatives that have passed on, and all you family still yet to come, including all your cute little babies you'll have!